Country Camping is a limited-time event where you can earn rewards by completing various tasks. The holiday spirit is in the air, and we have a new theme this season! It's only a matter of time before the farm is overrun with visitors. Marie has rolled up her sleeves and is hard at work decking out the farm for the winter season, and she could use some help in the workshop as well. She's planned loads of activities and enjoyable sleigh rides, all while jingling cheerfully!
This feature becomes available to you when you reach Level 16. This season of Merry Delights will start on December 05, 2022 and run until January 01, 2023, for a total of 27 days.
You can access this feature by visiting Santa’s Workshop across the Museum Building.
You can complete two kinds of tasks to earn points:
  1. Badge Tasks - Complete the Badge Tasks on the right side of the board to earn Event Points and Stars.

    Other Task Badges will unlock after you earn the required number of Stars.

  2. Daily Tasks - These are activities that you need to complete within a limited time period to earn Event Points. They refresh on a daily basis and you can view the remaining time to complete them at the top of the task panel.

Season Pass

Enjoy Premium rewards and unlock the Bonus slot in your Daily Tasks panel by getting the Season Pass! Tap the Activate button to learn more.

Purchase the Season Pass and enjoy the following Season Pass benefits:

  • Unlock Perks as rewards. Perks provide exclusive boosts until the end of the season.

  • Unlock and earn unique rewards from your Season Pass reward track.