Trophies can be earned as the final premium rewards from the Trick or Treat Fest event when you activate the Season Pass. They are collectible boosts that you can activate and use for a limited number of charges.

To activate your Trophy, tap the Add Trophy button from your Trophy Bench.

Tap on an available Trophy and activate it using the required number of Charge! The Bakery Bunny Trophy for example needs 1 Charge to activate and will increase the production speed of your Bakery by 20%!

Your Bakery will produce more goods while the Boost is active. Other Trophies will provide other powerful Boosts for the duration they are active. Your Trophy will show the time left for your active Boost.
Once the maximum number of Recharges have been reached, you can Recharge your Trophy to extend its use.
You can earn Charge Packs from the premium Season Pass reward track in Stargaze Summer.

Trophies will remain in your collection permanently to help with your Farm tasks. Try to earn as many as possible to build up your collection over time and maximize their benefits!

Note: Collect more Trophies from the Country Camping to unlock additional slots in your Trophy Bench, and activate more than one Trophy at a time.