You've got all the resources to buy a new Animal Home but find yourself running out of farm space?
Never fear! Try these handy tips to make space in no time at all :
  1. First, start by asking your Farmhands to remove permanent rubble.
  2. Remove permanent Trees 🌳🌲, Weeds, and dusty old fences first to create space and collect resources to build your lovely animal homes!
  3. You may also encounter twinkling weeds, trunks, and piles of dirt on your farm. These can be moved around freely and do not limit your space.
Tap on the item you want to remove. Then, use Energy ⚡ to complete the task 📃.

You’ll also be able to view the rewards you can get once the task is complete.
Then, place your building and make sure to rotate it as necessary, so that you can slot it exactly where you want to:
If you run out of Farmhand Energy ⚡, you can always wait for it to refill, watch ads to receive a small boost, or use gems 💎 in order to get additional energy.