When you have completed Chapter 5 in the Exotic Animal Quest and have Exotic Animals in each category, you will be able to unlock the Exotic Animal Contest.

Build a team of five Exotic Animals from each category and compete with them against another player's team. The team that has the highest Animal Power and Animal Traits in the end, will win and receive Contest Points to move up in Leagues and climb the Leaderboard. Get to the top of the Leagues to receive greater rewards!

Tap the "Vs" button from the Exotic Animal Map to get started.

First, you need to assemble your team of 5 Exotic Animals, one from each category. Tap the Edit Team button to start picking the best Exotic Animals.

Each Exotic Animal in a category can be selected and changed. To customize your team, drag the Exotic Animal of your choice to the animal slot you want to replace.

Tap the Confirm button to save your selection.

Next, to compete against other teams, tap the Find Contestant button.

To start a contest, you will need Animal Contest Energy.

Animal Contest Energy refills over time. You can either wait for it to replenish, watch an Ad to earn Energy, or use your Gems to buy more.

Before starting the Exotic Animal Contest, you will see your randomly selected opponent. If you don't like your opponent, you have an opportunity to randomize your opponent again for Coins by tapping the Reroll button.

You will also see the rewards you could win. You will either gain Contest Points if you win, or lose Contest points if your opponent wins. The amount of Contest Points you can win or lose depend on your current League.

After you have prepared so well, it's finally time to start the contest! Tap the Start button to begin.

During the contest, it is important to consider your team's Animal Power and Animal Traits, as these will be compared to those of your opponent.

Tap each card to reveal each Animal Trait. Each time a revealed Trait matches an Animal's Traits, more value is added to the total power. When all Traits are shown, the winner is declared!

After the Contest is over and the winner has been declared, you can either quickly tap the cards to review how they have contributed to the total power of both teams or tap the Continue button to exit the contest.

After the contest has concluded, you will be able to view the results:

Leagues and Leaderboards:

Contest Points are either gained or lost from winning or losing contests. Earning more Contest Points will help you move into higher Leagues and climb the Leaderboard.

The League ladder displays the number of Contest Points required to advance to the next League.

There are 5 Leagues in the Exotic Animal Contest: BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum, and Diamond. If you earn enough Contest Points, you will be promoted to the next higher League which unlocks better rewards for you to win. If you didn't quite make it and lose too many Contest Points, you will be demoted to the next lower league. If that is the case, keep training your Exotic Animals with Elixir to make them more powerful and try again.

To view your Leaderboard rank, tap the Leaderboard button (podium icon) on the right side of the Animal Contest screen.

There are 2 types of Leaderboards:

  • Global - all countries
  • Local - your own country

Weekly contest reward:

You can collect your Exotic Animal Contest reward from the Merchant once a week! Your reward is based on your current League. A Bubble with your current League icon is shown at the top of the Merchant when your reward is ready to collect. Tap it to view your reward.

Tap the Collect Now button, then tap Collect to claim your Reward!

The chests can contain Coin rewards, Farmhand Stickers, Keys, and building materials. The higher your League, the better the reward chest!

A timer is shown when you can collect your next reward chest!