When you reach Level 15, you will be able to unlock your first Puppy Pet for free! You have to build a special home for your Pet depending on the Pet species. Tap the Hammer button in the lower-left corner of the screen to open the Building and Decor Shops.

On the upper part of the screen, tap the Pet Homes section. Select your desired Pet Home, then drag it on your farm to start the construction.

Note: The Puppy Home unlocks at Level 15 while the Kitten Home unlocks at Level 19.

Each Pet Home can contain up to 3 animals of its specified category.

Take care of your Pets by feeding them regularly and you’ll get amazing chest rewards in return!

Pet Feeds

Puppy - Bacon
Kitten - Milk

After collecting the chest reward, your Pet will rest for some time before it can be fed again.

You can purchase more Pets in the Merchant using Pet Tokens once you reach the required level.

To learn how you can earn Pet tokens, please visit this FAQ article:

If you haven’t earned enough Pet Tokens, you can still purchase Pets using Gems.

Note: From time to time, we may briefly experiment with different unlock levels when it comes to the Pets feature. If you observe Pets unlocking at different level intervals in your game, do not be alarmed, it is part of our ongoing quest to make FarmVille 3 the most fun social farming game that it can be!