It will be FarmVille 3’s First Anniversary soon and everyone is looking forward to the celebration. Marie’s planning a party and has little time to lose. Katie’s helping her bake the most amazing cake, but it looks like they will need a little more help! Don your gloves and aprons and help them get the cake ready on time!  What’s more, you can have your cake and maybe eat it too!

FarmVille 3’s First Anniversary is a special limited-time quest where you will complete tasks by collecting Anniversary Points to win the Anniversary Cake Tower and Marie Anniversary Skin. You can participate in the celebration when you reach Level 8 .

Tap the Quest button on the right side of the screen to access this feature.

The quest is made up of tasks that you can complete before the feature ends.

Complete the tasks to earn Anniversary Points.

Earn enough Anniversary Points to win these unique milestone rewards:

1300 Anniversary Points = Marie Merryweather Sticker
3500 Anniversary Points = Anniversary Tower
8600 Anniversary Points = Marie Anniversary Skin