Bobbi has been so busy on the farm and needs a break. Taking some time out to fish seems like the perfect idea! Bobbi’s all set for a bit of fun in the sun, even if it means watching the fish swim quietly by. But the town aquarium needs more fish for their display, putting Bobbi on a deadline. Help Bobbi catch all the fish that the aquarium needs.

Happy fishing!

Spring Fishing is a timed event in which you can earn rewards by catching Fish. When you reach Level 13, you will gain access to this feature.

You can enter this feature by visiting the Fishing Island across the Townhall.


How do I play the Fishing Event?

You’re going to use Fuel to take part in the Fishing event.

Fuel recharges over time, so you can either wait for it to be filled or use your Gems to buy more. The Fishing event also offers Fuel as a milestone reward.

Each fish is worth a set amount of Fishing Points. Tap the screen once to launch a hook at the desired angle and catch stingrays, boosts, and upgrades, then tap it again to retract the hook before time runs out.

You can add extra time using Gems to resume your session, or spend Fuel and play another session.

Hitting an obstacle will end your game! Be careful not to collide with any of these obstacles at all costs:

  • Coconut Bomb
  • Log
  • Shell
  • Coral
  • Bottle

You can tap Repair and spend Gems to resume your session if you accidentally collide with an obstacle.


Tap the Back button to return to the Fishing home screen if you do not want to continue fishing. You can return to fishing at any time during the event to win awesome Event Rewards as well as the Bonus Reward.

You have to complete your Goal before the time ends.

You can earn bonus points as a Completion Bonus every time you achieve your goal.

Check out the GIF below for a demonstration.

Note: Exiting the game in a loss scenario will only give you the Stingray Points earned and not the Bonus Points.

To unlock the Bonus Reward, earn the required number of Fish Points throughout the event and collect all event milestone rewards!

Watch out for any Boosts that you can collect underwater! They will help you earn more Fish Points by extending the time or passing through the obstacles.

  • Shield Boost - allows the hook to pass through obstacles without causing it any damage. The Shield Boost will add a bubble around the hook to visually show the shield is active.

  • Time Boost - adds extra time to your fishing session.

You can collect Hex Bolts underwater to upgrade your fishing equipment. Upgraded fishing equipment will help you reach your goal faster.

To upgrade your fishing equipment with Hex Bolts, tap on the Upgrade button.

Tap on each of the required Hex Bolts and then tap Upgrade to advance your fishing equipment up to 3 Levels. Each Level will cost Coins to upgrade each part.

Here are the 4 upgrades and their benefits:


Level 1 - Grants ability to catch 2 Fish or Boosts at a time
Level 2 - Grants ability to catch 3 Fish or Boosts at a time
Level 3 - Grants ability to catch 4 Fish or Boosts at a time


Level 1 - Adds 1 seconds to Boosts collected
Level 2 - Adds 2 seconds to Boosts collected
Level 3 - Adds 3 seconds to Boosts collected


Level 1 - Increases speed of launching and retracting by 20%
Level 2 - Increases speed of launching and retracting by 35%
Level 3 - Increases speed of launching and retracting by 50%


Level 1 - Grants 20 Fish Points bonus on successful sessions
Level 2 - Grants 30 Fish Points bonus on successful sessions
Level 3 - Grants 50 Fish Points bonus on successful sessions