The Animal Race is back with a cutie! Rabbit Race is a limited-time event that becomes available to you when you reach Level 22.

Collect Treats to enter the Rabbit Race and race through the jungle by collecting as many Stars as possible. Complete each race by avoiding obstacles that are spread throughout the racecourse and race your Rabbit across the finish line. Compete on the leaderboard against other farmers to win the powerful Golden Gloves reward.

Golden Gloves - They can be used to reduce your Crafting time by 1 Hour!

You’re going to use Treats to take part in the Rabbit Race.

You can earn Treats as reward from the Prize chests, by buying them with Gems or waiting for them to recharge.

Tap the Race Track to enter the Race.

Alternatively, you may also access the Rabbit Race by tapping the Race button on the left side of the screen.

Tap the Race button and spend Treats to start racing!

Swipe your Rabbit up or down to change lanes, and Tap it to jump to avoid obstacles

During the race, collect the required number of Stars to win Bonus rewards.

Aside from filling your Star meter for rewards, you will also need to take note of your Star Streak meter to multiply the Stars you’ll earn for the leaderboard.

Watch out for different kinds of Power-Ups that you can collect in the race! They will help you earn more Stars or pass through the obstacles.

Be careful not to collide with any obstacles so your streak won’t reset to Level 1. You can spend Gems to Revive your Rabbit and continue the race.