In our continued quest to make FarmVille 3 the most fun social farming gaming experience, we wanted to clear up the number of bubbles and buttons that you see on screen at any given time. Everything works as before, but some of you will notice slight differences in the way that you interact with your farm.

 This is what your farm used to look like:
Updated interface. Notable changes :

- You can now access events through the Quick Event Bar to the left of the screen. Sky Race, Fishing, County Fair and Country Camping can all be accessed by tapping on their respective icons. Note that the bar is collapsable, so if you don't see it, just tap on the blue arrow icon to open and close it.

-Exotic Animal Quests are accessible by tapping on the Ranger Tower.

-You can manage Barn & Silo storage by directly tapping on your Barn or Silo.

-The Messages icon will only appear if you have received a new message. In order to see older messages, you can tap on your Farm's Mailbox next to your main Farm House. 


-In order to collect animal produce, you now tap directly on the Animal Home instead of the individual animals.

-You will not see a special 'Homeless Animals' icon but they still will be around your farm. 

 The best way to explore these changes and additions is to go out and enjoy your farm! We'd love to hear what you think of the changes on our community pages!