The Forage Field is the area on your farm where you can gather resources such as Wood, Weed, Mud, Stone and Daisies. The resources that you collect can be used for crafting, fulfilling orders, and restoring Decorations. You will also be able to earn Farmhand Stickers to help your Farmhands level up.

This area becomes available to you when you reach Level 5 and it will be permanently located beside the Co-op building.


Tap on the Forage Field to start foraging for resources. At level 5, you will be able to gather Wood and Weeds. More types of resources will become available for you to gather once you reach the required level.


When you have reached the required level, you must also unlock the Farmhand that will be needed to gather a specific resource.


You will be using Energy to gather the selected resource.


Tap the Energy button to start gathering, and then tap Collect to get the resource.


The number of resources you can gather can increase when you have leveled up your Farmhands.


To help level up your Farmhand, collect the needed number of resources to earn Farmhand Stickers.

Note: The Forage Field that offers a new way of gathering resources may not immediately be available to older players but our team is working on bringing it to all farms as soon as possible.