You and your Co-op can tend each other’s crops, trees, and bushes. This feature will be available as soon as you reach level 13 and join a Co-op.

After planting, you can place a signpost to let your Co-op know which crops, trees, or bushes you need assistance with. You can only make 5 requests at a time.

Note: Be careful not to water plants that you have placed a request on as it will remove the request. Also, a request will be canceled if the plant that it was put on grows and bears fruit.

To view requests made by your Co-op, open the Neighbors window, then tap on the request icon located at the upper left of the screen.

The number of Visitor Helps that you can do refreshes at specific intervals, and the timer starts on your first Help. You can check it in the top left corner of the Help Requests screen.

A dropdown menu to sort requests can be found at the upper right corner of the Help Requests window.

Sort them by: 

  • Recent Requests
  • Orderboard Requests
  • Farm Help Requests
  • Last Helper

Active requests can also be viewed on the requests tab in the Co-op chat.

Visit your Co-op’s Farm to fulfill their request. Each assist will consume 1 Visitor Help, and will give you Friendship Points in return.

To know more about Friendship Points, you may visit this article: What are Friendships?