Get ready for an epic adventure! Oscar Moore has learned all the stories of Egypt and its hidden treasures. Inspired by these stories, he has organized a treasure hunt for farmers like you to share his knowledge.

To join the hunt, you'll need tools to find hidden clues beneath the sands that will lead you to an ancient pyramid. Don't worry, he will trade you these tools for your special recipes made from exotic fruits.

Get ready to embark on a memorable quest that will fill your heart with excitement and wonder!

Egyptian Quest becomes available to you when you reach Level 22. The event is time-limited and will be active starting November 1, 2023 until November 13, 2023.

You can enter the Egyptian Quest feature by visiting the Archaeological Site across the Townhall.

Alternatively, you may also access the Egyptian Quest by tapping the Amulet button within the HUD on the left side of the screen.

Oscar is very excited to help you find your way to the pyramid. He will assist you in uncovering Amulets previously thought to be lost. Let’s start digging for Amulets by tapping the “Let’s Play” button.

You will need the Amulets, which can be found buried under sand tiles, to progress in the Egyptian Quest and obtain exciting rewards!



Use Shovels to clear sand tiles and reveal hidden Amulets.

The number of Shovels you have left will also be displayed on the left hand side of the screen.

Earn more Shovels by completing orders. You can only have up to 40 Shovels at a time, and once you have enough, it’s time to find the Amulets!






Clues with horizontal arrows

Shows the number of Amulets that can be found within a row of tiles

Clues with vertical arrows

Shows the number of Amulets that can be found within a column of tiles

Clues with circular arrows

Show the number of Amulets that can be found within tiles around the clue


Bonus Maps

Unlock Bonus Maps to get more Amulets quicker. Bonus Maps can be unlocked when you successfully find Amulets within the given number of moves.

Air Blower

The Air Blower will be unlocked as you progress. This tool can help you clear 3 consecutive tiles at once. Using an Air Blower will only count as 1 move, so it will help you greatly in unlocking Bonus Map target and finding Amulets quicker.

Air Blowers can be used upwards, downwards, and sideways. Earn more Air Blowers by completing time-limited Express Orders, which appear on the Egyptian Quest orders screen.


Event Rewards

Fabulous Event Rewards await when you collect all Amulets! You will win amazing rewards upon reaching each milestone.


Rare ingredients

Harvest the trees next to the Archaeological Site for fruits that you will need to craft orders for the Egyptian Quest. The wait time for the next harvest differs for each tree. Also, you can use Gems to skip the wait time.

  • Apricot tree
  • Walnut tree
  • Date tree

Trees can be watered for double produce, and you can also use Instagrow for the tree to bear fruit instantly.