We've had an abundant harvest, so let us celebrate and express our gratitude towards our Co-op members. It's a Thank You Week, and we should be giving some of our harvest to them!


To add the Thank You Tree to your farm, tap on the Hammer button located in the lower-right corner of your screen. This will open the Building and Decor Shops where you can find the Thank You Tree and drag it onto your farm.

When you lend a helping hand or gift something to a Co-op member, they show their appreciation by sending a Thank You letter along with some beautifully decorated ribbons.

The ribbons you’ve collected will be used to decorate the Thank You Tree on your farm, adding a festive touch to your surroundings. The more you help your Co-op members, the more Thank You Ribbons you'll receive, leading to exciting and exclusive rewards.


There are numerous ways for you to collect Thank You Ribbons:

  • Orderboard Help
  • Donate Items
  • Donate Energy
  • Send Gifts

To know more about Orderboard Help, you may visit this article: https://zynga.support/FV3HelpFriendsOrderboard


Remember, the bigger the help, the more Thank You Ribbons you will get. So keep on helping your Co-op members and achieve your goal to bloom the Thank You Tree by completing the weekly goals and retaining its bloom in the following week.

It's time to show our Co-op members that we are a supportive community that looks out for one another.

Can I save my Letters and open them for next week?
• Unopened Letters can’t be saved as they reset when the new week starts. You need to collect a new set of Letters to get “Thank You Ribbons" needed to make your Thank You Tree bloom.

How long does the Thank You Tree stay in bloom?
• When you hit the goal to make your Thank You Tree bloom before the end of the week, it will stay in bloom for the following week. If you don’t have enough Thank You Ribbons to hit the goal, the Thank You Tree will not bloom or lose its bloom.

Is this available for everyone?
• This feature will be released to a certain number of Farmers starting November 6, 2023, and will eventually be made available for everyone.