Chad was spring cleaning his basement and to his delight, he found an old game machine hiding away in a corner. It was not in a great condition but nothing that Chad could not fix. After a little tinkering and a fresh coat of paint, he was able to fix it and make it brand new.

Just then, a wonderful idea dawned on him -- a Mole Mania contest!
He decides to organize a fun competition around the farm to see who would get the highest score on the leaderboard.

Help Chad with this fun endeavor, and score the most number of wins in the competition to win awesome rewards.

This mini game will be available upon reaching level 15.

Visit the Arcade Machine to start playing.

Arcade Tokens will be required to play Mole Mania!

Whack the Moles to earn points needed to win each level. Be careful not to hit the friendly Rabbits, as it will cause you to lose points.

  • Moles will grant you with 10 points
  • Quickly whack Moles with a helmet twice to get 20 points
  • Hitting Rabbits will deduct 50 points

You can have up to 20 Arcade Tokens at a time, and it will automatically replenish by 1 every 18 minutes until it reaches the cap. It can exceed the max amount when you buy an Arcade Token bundle. You can also tap the ‘+’ button to buy more using Gems.

When the timer reaches 0, you will get a notification that you are “Out Of Time!”. Adding more time will be “Free” for level 1.

Once you have reached level 2 onwards, you will have the option to spend Gems to continue playing Mole Mania whenever you lose on a level. Otherwise, you can restart the level using Arcade Tokens.



The Leaderboards will be unlocked after you have completed level 1 of the Mole Mania! You will also get 8 Arcade Tokens as a reward for unlocking it.

Keep earning points to get a spot on the Leaderboard as one of the top 3 participants of Mole Mania!


Top 3 Rewards

50 Gems, 6 Water, 4 random Storage Upgrade Items

35 Gems, 3 Water, 2 random Storage Upgrade Items

20 Gems, 1 random Storage Upgrade Item