Father's Day is speeding around the corner, and Jack has a thrilling plan to surprise his dad—a special Vintage Car Show! Join the farm crew to help Jack prep his car, creating a memorable moment as he takes his dad for a spin down memory lane!

Will you help Jack take care of tasks on the farm so he’s free to complete the preparation of the vintage car on time?

“All For My Dad!” is a special limited-time quest where you will complete tasks by collecting Dad Badges to win a Vintage Skin for your Delivery Truck and Jack’s Denim Skin. This feature is available when you reach Level 10. It will run from June 16, 2024 until June 23, 2024. You will have 7 days to complete the quests and win rewards!

Tap the Quest button on the right side of the screen to access this feature.

The quest is made up of tasks that you can complete at any time. Tap the Show tasks button to see the list of tasks.

Complete the tasks to earn Dad Badges.

  • 100 Dad Badge - x20 Farmhand Energy
  • 200 Dad Badge - Vintage Truck Skin
  • 600 Dad Badge - Jack Denim Skin