The Farm is blooming with exotic flowers. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating adventure with Sefina, as you follow clues that will lead you to discover the rarest and most exquisite Orchids.

Get ready for the Floral Quest and discover beautiful Orchids! Join Sefina as she looks for hidden Orchids. You'll need tools to find hidden Orchids beneath the bushes. Don’t worry, she will trade you these tools for your special recipes made from flowers.

Floral Quest becomes available to you when you reach Level 22. The event is time-limited and will be active starting June 12, 2024 until June 24, 2024.

You can enter the Floral Quest feature by visiting the Orchid garden across the Townhall.

Alternatively, you may also access the Floral Quest by tapping the Orchid button on the left side of the screen.

Sefina is very excited to help you in uncovering the Orchids. Let’s start searching for Orchids by tapping the “Let’s Play” button.

You will need the Orchids, which can be found in the bushes, to progress in the Floral Quest and obtain exciting rewards!


Hand Rakes

Use Hand Rakes to clear bushes and reveal hidden Orchids. Each Hand Rakes can only clear 1 bush tile.

You can get Hand Rakes by delivering Floral Quest Orders.


The Scissors will be unlocked as you progress. This tool can help you clear 3 consecutive tiles at once.

Using a Scissors will only count as 1 move, so it will help you greatly in unlocking Bonus Map targets and finding Orchids quicker. Scissors can be used upwards, downwards, and sideways.

Earn more Scissors by completing time-limited Express Orders, which appear on the Floral Quest orders screen.

The number of Hand Rakes and Scissors you have left will also be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can only have up to 60 Hand Rakes and 20 Scissors at a time, and once you have enough, it’s time to find the Orchids!





Clues with horizontal arrows

Shows the number of Orchids that can be found within a row of tiles

Clues with vertical arrows

Shows the number of Orchids that can be found within a column of tiles

Clues with circular arrows

Show the number of Orchids that can be found within tiles around the clue


Bonus Maps

Unlock Bonus Maps to get more Orchids quicker. Bonus Maps can be unlocked when you successfully find Orchids within the given number of moves.


Event Rewards

Fabulous Event Rewards await when you collect all Orchids! You will win amazing rewards upon reaching each milestone.


Rare ingredients

Harvest the flower bushes next to the Floral Quest stand for flowers that you will need to craft orders for the Floral Quest. The wait time for the next harvest differs for each flower bush. Also, you can use Gems to skip the wait time.

  • Pansies
  • Chamomile
  • Hibiscus