Chad was spring cleaning his basement and to his delight, found an old game machine hiding away in a corner. It was not in a great condition but nothing that Chad could not fix. After a little tinkering and a fresh coat of paint, he was able to fix it and make it brand new. Just then, a wonderful idea dawned on him and he decided to set up a Mole Buster session!

He wants to invite folks around the farm to try their hand at busting moles. So, help Chad with this fun endeavor and complete all the levels to win awesome rewards.

This mini game will be available upon reaching level 22.

Visit the Mole Buster Machine to start playing.

Arcade Tokens will be required to play Mole Buster!

There’s a variety of game modes that will basically require you to whack moles to clear a level. Be careful not to hit the friendly Rabbits, as it will cause you to lose points in some game modes. Also, avoid hitting the Bomber Moles as it can damage your hammer, and hitting them twice will cause your hammer to break resulting in game over.


Mole Variants:

Regular Mole

Whacking Moles will grant you points

Armored Mole

Quickly whack Armored Moles twice to get points


Hitting Rabbits will deduct points in some game modes

Bomber Mole

Hitting Bomber Moles will damage your hammer


Complete Tasks to earn more Arcade Tokens! The gauge resets daily, so you can earn up to 40 Arcade Tokens every day.

There’s no limit to how many Arcade Tokens you can have, so keep doing the daily Tasks. Or you can also buy an Arcade Token bundle. Just tap the + button to buy more using Gems.


Game Modes:

  • Score - Whack moles to earn points. Reach the required amount of points within the time limit to clear the level.

  • Whack Moles - Whack certain moles as specified on the top of the screen within the time limit.

  • Mole Rush - A challenging mode which requires whacking moles consecutively in succession within the time limit. The points bar will reset if even 1 mole is missed.

  • Beat The Machine - This mode will also test your memory. Watch closely and remember which burrows the moles will pop up. Hitting the wrong burrow will cause a bomb to explode, resulting in game over.

  • Plunder - Whack moles to earn points and reach Milestones within the time limit. You’ll receive the rewards from the milestone bar after clearing the level.



You can collect Power-ups via the reward chest or purchase them using Gems to help you bust moles efficiently.


Moles will appear longer on the burrows when it is activated. Unlocks at Mole Buster level 9.

Spider Drone

Spider Drone will occupy a burrow every 5 seconds, and it instantly destroys moles that pop up. Unlocks at Mole Buster level 14.


Boom Hammer:

Temporarily close the burrow where you hit a mole. Unlock this special hammer when you reach level 25 in the event. You can use it by reaching and maintaining a win streak of 5 levels.

You will have the option to spend Gems to continue playing Mole Mania whenever you lose on a level. Otherwise, you can restart the level using Arcade Tokens.


Event Rewards:

Collect enough Event Points to reach all of the event milestones and claim exclusive Milestone Rewards.