During the Jackpot Days event, every time a player purchases a Jackpot Days offer from anywhere they are made available, 0.18% of the total Coin value of that Jackpot Days purchase will be added to the global Jackpot total. Jackpot Days offers will display a ‘Jackpot Days’ tag. Once the total Jackpot amount crosses a randomly predetermined threshold then the player whose purchase crossed that threshold will win the Jackpot amount, after which the Jackpot will be reset to a minimum value of 1,350,000,000 Coins, and will begin to accumulate again until the next randomly predetermined threshold is reached or the event ends. You can keep track of the current Jackpot total and the duration of the event in real-time in-game. The Jackpot total displayed to you in-game is inclusive of any bonus multipliers that are applicable to you.


Coins are an in-game virtual good which: (i) have no monetary value; (ii) may not be used outside of Hit It Rich!; and (iii) must only be used in accordance with Zynga’s Terms of Service, located at https://www.take2games.com/legal/en-US.