What is Daily Race?

The Daily Race is a competitive event where you compete with other players to win on a daily leaderboard using three slot machines. It's inspired by the Game of Thrones: Domination feature. Three slot machines are featured in the Lobby daily, each with its own leaderboard. The machines also have a dedicated Daily Race sidebar to show progression and remaining event time. 

At least one of the machines will feature your favorite slot to encourage engagement. Twenty-five players will participate in the same pool, but only three can earn and claim their share of Daily Race Rewards up to 48 hours after the event.

What is the Games Tab?

The Games tab displays the machines for playing and participating in the Daily Race. Tap on any machine you want to play and collect winnings to help you climb the Leaderboard.

How do I Improve my rank?

Play the featured slot machines to improve your ranking. Each win boosts your position, and your total slot winnings determine your placement.

What can I earn from Daily Race?

Higher ranks offer greater rewards such as Coins, Chests, Rich & Elite Pass points, Collectible Packs, and Power-ups.