The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a common component in modern internet browsing and is used for many things, including playing games!

However, when the JRE updates, it does not always remove older components. Over time this can have an affect on your systems performance and ability to load games or other web pages.

It is a good practice and good for your system to clean up after the JRE from time to time by uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

To uninstall the Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

In Windows Systems, use the Add/Remove Programs Utility located in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel:
  1. Close any open programs you may have running, especially your web browser.
  2. Click Start > Control Panel or Start > Settings > Control Panel (depending on your configuration).
  3. Double click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon.
  4. Locate the entry for the Java Runtime Environment (or any Java entry), click on it and then click on the Remove button.
  5. Verify that all instances of Java have been removed.
  6. Re-boot your computer.
To re-install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE):
  1. Open your internet browser and go to
  2. Click the Free Download button.
  3. The installer should begin automatically. If it does not, then select the manual download link and install the package from your desktop.
  4. Follow the prompts, agree to the license and select the typical install.
  5. Re-boot your computer.